Thursday, October 2, 2008

Picture Tag!

This is how it works: For each question look up the answer on Google image search. Choose your favorite picture from the FIRST page only.

My age:

My Favorite Color:

periwinkle! (mostly because i love the way the name sounds!)

My Favorite Vacation Spot:

St Thomas with the honey!

Where I Live:

The Beach!

Where I Grew Up:


Where I'd Like to Travel:


My Favorite Food:

ohhh how i miss you!

My Favorite Treat:

self explanatory!

My Favorite Animal:

That's my stinker! Don't ya love her hair do??

A Past Love:

Didnt every girl my age love J.T.T.??

My First Name:

Mrs. S..and yes, I am smokin hot.

She was the only one not completely half naked...i was glad for her! haha!

My Middle Name:

Did you know Mariel was a place in Cuba?? Me either...

My Last Name:

Maybe our family crest??

What I'm Doing Right Now:

Watching VP debate!

I tag...Dari, Amanda, Krystyn, and whoever else, may read this!


angie said...

Great image selection to go with your factoids. :)

Ronnica said...

Thanks for the SITS comment!

Yes, JTT was everyone's crush back then...

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Love this! Cool idea. thanks for coming by from sits today. cherry