Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thinking, thinking...

Ok so yesterday I went to go and get my new glasses!! I havent been able to see since March! When I got into the accident my old ones just disappeared!! So what do you think? Please forgive my appearance--it's been a long day and Im ready for bed..and I need a shower..and I have no excuse!

Okay so let me ask you this...when I picked up my glasses I had to go to the mall to pick them up. On the way, I have to pass all these kiosks. Do you all have those in your malls?? Do they have the people that are like "hey, come here!", "free sample?", "let me clean your rings!", etc... Do they not get on your nerves?? I had a guy want to straighten my hair, a guy with a flying helicopter, someone wanting to give me lotion, look at my natural nails, and clean my jewelery. All within a two minute walk. Seriously. I was so annoyed. I mean I know that this is these people's jobs, but come ON. Give me a break. They all but tackle me to try their products. And my goodness, don't try and say no politely because they take that as weakness and they will continue to reel you in. Why can't they be more like the girl in the food court handing out samples of teriyaki chicken? Now that is some persistence I can live with! Anyway...moving on.

Okay, have any of you tried to teach yourself a new language? I was thinking about getting something like Rosetta Stone to try and learn some Portuguese. The only thing is my GOSH! Have you seen how expensive it is?? For heaven sakes. I mean seriously, they are making a killling off their system. So, has anyone ever tried it? Know anything about the system? Is it worth my money or my time?

Can I just say, as my final thought, that I am SO glad tomorrow is FRIDAY! It's kinda been a long week, and I am slightly disappointed. There's always another week though!


Kori said...

Lovin' the glasses my friend. And yes we have those annoying people here at our mall to. As much as I like to shop I don't like the mall for that very reason.

As far as learning a new language I haven't a clue. I really should learn spanish it would help alot at my job. But I don't know if I got the patience. And it would be my luck the first time I tried to be all clever with my new language I would say something completely stupid.

Wep said...

OMG I LOVE the glasses!!!

Chelle said...

I love your glasses! I can't wait to get some new ones. Yours are CUTE girl!!

And I can't stand those annoying people at the mall. Ugh!! They need to back off!

Krystyn said...

I love the glasses!

And, I hate the kiosks in the mall. I feel sorry for those people (who are just doing their job), but I totally ignore them and don't even make eye contact!!!

New language, hmmm. The best way is immersion (so, if you move to Brazil, you will learn it). I hear those Rosetta Stone things are expensive.

Dari said...

So cute! I love the glasses! I just got new ones as well, don't they make things happy?

Also I can't stand the people at the mall that do that! I just keep looking straight ahead and if they still talk to me I say no thank you and NEVER slow the pace ha ha They are wretched and make holiday shopping less enjoyable. :(

onlymehere said...

I had one guy with a thick Middle Eastern or Mediteranean accent ask to put lotion on my hands. He grabbed my hands and with a shocked look on his face said "what have you done to your hands?!!!" I looked at him and said, "I work for a living." I was pretty offended. My hands are so dry they split and crack in the winter and since I work on the computer all day it's easy to split them at the fingertips. I'm usually so easy going but he just responded to me in such a mean way and he dropped my hand like I had fleas or something. May I just add that I didn't offer him my hand, he just took it! I try to steer clear of the mall anyway but I agree with the kiosks being annoying. Have a Happy Halloween and hopefully next week will go better for you.

nicole said...

The glasse are cute.

Gosh, I surely need to go and get my eyes checked and new glasses, too. Got to wait at least another day.

Portuguese is sooooo hard to learn. at least for me.

Rosetta Stone should be really good, but if you do not want to spend the money on it right now, just try a different book/cd.

EmmaP said...

you are really cute in your specs! as far as the language goes - i am not good at other languages. good for you for wanting to learn it! good luck with whatever program you go with.

Anonymous said...

You look good with glasses! :)

nikkicrumpet said...

dang...I wish I looked that great after a long day and just before bed. You are a natural beauty! And I love the glasses!

AndreaLeigh said...

Ohh, you look great in the glasses!

My fool proof way to deal with the persistent people in the mall is to ever studiously avoid making eye contact, ignore and walk briskly, or respond "you just did" when they ask if they can ask me a question.

PS - send me your address! you are the winner for my giveaway!!!!

Sam said...

Okay, so that's how you look after a long day???? You look like a supermodel! And the glasses are totally HAWT. :)

I had to laugh about the mall kiosks--I once got reeled in and ended up buying like $300 dollars worth of "things you heat up in the microwave and drape over your body." I guess they need a category for those. ;)

Have you tried downloading some free Portuguese podcasts? I remember when we were trying to learn Mandarin, there were lots, and we used to practice in the car. Worth a look?

~*amber*~ said...

I like the glasses, they look good!

I've seen the prices on that Rosetta system, it's crazy. They say it is the easiest way to learn though. Who knows.

I know which mall you went to, and yes, they are annoying. I hate that natural nail/cuticle one. They always want to touch you when you walk by, ugh. That chicken is SO good!

JSue said...

Look at you - how cute are those glasses!?

About those hair straightening people...What I don't 'get' is when I'm walking by them with my naturally straight as a board hair, why they feel the need to approach me. Do I LOOK like I want my hair straightened?!?!

Good luck with the language.