Monday, February 23, 2009

Life and Cars...Part 3

So to answer your question... I don't know what happened to the other lady. We had to ride in the ambulance together, but she didn't say what was wrong. She complained that her chest hurt (but not in a heart attack kind of way) and I think it was from the airbag. But I know that she was not seriously injured. Though I am sure she was sore and bruised as well.

After the accident, I decided that instead of going to get another vehicle, I would drive Sidnei's vehicle. He doesn't have a car payment on it (another incredibly ridiculous and long story) and so I would just have to pay for insurance. Let me just say this as a precursor: I am VERY grateful to not have a car payment.

Now onto why I HATE loathe dislike driving this vehicle.

1. It has two doors. I need four.

2. Two doors= limited you realize that I carry samples with me? They are huge. Probably four foot tall. They don't fit as well as I'd like. I also carry tile, grout, thinset, and anything else that will fit.

3. You are probably wondering, what about the trunk? Well if you have a husband that likes to play with cars, then you'd also have the BIGGEST subwoofer EVER. It allows two inches on all sides of the trunk. Literally.

4. Also if your husband liked to aftermarket his vehicle to death, then you'd have ridiculous blue lights in your dash that a) blind you and b) send you into a seizure from watching them strobe as they were dying out.

5. It is manual. Did I mention I live in a tourist area? Tourists=stupid traffic.

6. My husband put rims on. They look pretty. They scratch easy...especially against a curb.

7. Of course with rims come low profile wheels. Low profile wheels blow easy. That is what started the Life and Cars posts.

8. Low wheels=Low car. Low car means that I literally fall into my car. Falling into my car means I have to get out. To get out, I grab the door and the side of the vehicle and proceed to PULL myself out. In a pencil skirt with a tiny slit on the front, that makes this task difficult. Not to mention all the guys on the jobsite watching the girl that pulled up to the jobsite in a sooped up vehicle.

9. A two door car = Looonggg doors. Long doors mean they are heavy. Heavy means that my shins have permanent dents and bruises from the door falling back on them.

10. Special Exhaust. Driving for 5 hours at a time, once I get out of the car, the droning doesn't seem to go away. It also makes it difficult to talk to people because the car is SO. LOUD.

11. The final thing (though I could go on forever) is sometimes it just doesn't want to start. I believe it has a mind of it's on. Usually when it is mad at me and wants me to be embarrassed, I get in the car, turn the key, and CLICK. Turn key again, CLICK. Turn key again, CLICK. Turn key again, VROOMMMM. Take it the mechanic...It is on it's BEST behavior.

Let me just say I am very in tune with this vehicle because I am putting between 900-1200 miles a week on it. FUN!

What kind of car do you drive? Do you love it? If not go get a Honda. And Honda, if you are out there and would like me to endorse you, I'd be more than happy to drive one of your vehicles. Just in case you were wondering!

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AndreaLeigh said...

I have a Kia Sportage SUV, and DH drives a Mitsuibishi Gallant. Before that, I had a dodge neon that I drove into the ground, literally.

Blissful Babe said...

I have had a grocery list of cars, myself.

I just 'put to rest' my car of 11 years, recently. Actually, I sold it for $275. The engine crapped out on me. I miss her. She was a Ford Escort Sport LX 4-door sedan. She rocked my world. *sniff*

I now have an '02 Ford Escort ZX2. I am loving it. Although, it is a two-door and it is taking a LOT of getting used to after having a 4-door for 11 years. But it's fully loaded and I feel like I am driving a sports car. :D

I would love to have a Ford Fusion. Or, a JEEP Liberty. Either one of these makers could totally hook me up with one of the two...or both, if they are so inclined.

Young Momma said...

Oh how tempting is it to blog my list of cars??? I might have to. Right now I drive a minivan. LOVE it. Would you mind if I steal your idea? It'll never compare... I'd have one post worth. And not nearly as interesting stories to each. LOL

ko said...

wow! what a STORY! I am so glad you are ok from that accident!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the comments! we are so happy!

Krystyn said...

I now have Honda minivan that I love. Before that, hubby and I switched cars and I drove his Impala. It was okay. The other car is a Mazda Protege 5...low profile wheels, low suspension, had funny lights in it, special exhaust, etc. So, I totally know how you feel.

But, my students love to see me driving that thing!

Dari said...

I love the stories about all of your cars ha ha!!! You sound like you have just about as much luck as me!! I remember your cars from the hyundai on. I love Honda's and Toyota's. I currently drive a Hyundai Sonata though, for price reasons and I've really enjoyed it. It is a nice, practical, dependable car. Beside dumb little things that the warranty has covered. :)

Fabiola said...

I loved your stories with cars.
Since my husband works for the auto indrustry, we have to stick with the brand for which he is working for.
For a lot of years, we drove Ford Focus, since we both worked for Ford.
Right now, he works for Peugeot citroen (a french automaker), so I drive a Citroen C3 and he drives a Citroen C4 Pallas.


Heather said...

Good post! Seriously, what is it with boys and their cars? My hubby's car, Audi A6, is the same thing. too low, too fast, crazy lights, I'm afraid to drive the dang thing!

As for me? I used to drive a Toyota Land Cruiser, by far my favorite ever!! But when the economy got all crazy we decided to sell our cars so we wouldn't have a payment and go out and buy cars cash. I now drive a Dodge Durango. It ain't bad, but I can't wait to get another Toyota!

Ashley said...

I drive a VW Jetta. We got it new a year ago. I'm still in love with it. Lucas drives an old Honda Civic that is still going strong. We like that it is still going strong but would love to have a new car instead. We just happen to love that no payment thing much better so will probably drive this one til the wheels fall off.... which might not be too much longer. Fingers crossed! I'd love a good reason to go car shopping again. I'm eyeing a Toyota Highlander for whenever we bring little ones around. :)

marina said...

I had my list of cars too.. marina

Whitney said...

I strongly dislike low cars! I dread getting out of them.

Midwest Mommy said...

I drive a mini-van but just not any mini-van my pimpn' minivan! lol, I am so not cool.

Vanessa Rogers said...

Wow!!! I thought that I had had car problems. I was wrong... you totally beat me! I hope soon you can drive a car that you like.

Laural Out Loud said...

Sell his car! You won't need it in Brasil, anyway (if you do try to bring it down, the taxes will put you in the poor house). Then you can buy another Honda!