Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A little Valentine's LOVE

Well let me just say the actual day of Valentine's was a total BUST. But that is alright BECAUSE look what I got!!...

I participated in a Valentine's Day Swap from Andrea at My Chihuahua Bites and my swap partner was April from Deltakids! Thank goodness for April because I would have had such a sad little Valentine's Day! Look at all my goodies!!

1. Blues Traveling: The Holy Sites of Delta Blues Can I just say I love this because there is SO much I didn't know about all these places! Sidnei and I have some traveling to do!!

2. The book House Call by Darden North, MD I have my FIRST ever signed copy for a book! I am so excited to start this! I will let you all know how it is!

3. My very own heart shaped cookie cutter! Thank you! I had gotten one for everyone BUT me!!

4. Royal Fudge Sauce straight from Indianola, Mississippi! My little heart goes pitter patter, as the ice cream awaits *sigh*

5. Mississippi Delta Fudge Pie also from Indianola, Mississippi! This is amazing! It comes in this cute little box and only takes a couple of ingredients to make! I am trying to save this for a special occasion, but it is SO hard to wait!!

6. Delta Magazine This little gem has all kinds of articles on different happenings and people in Mississippi...but *ahem* they left April out...so we are going to have to send a letter to the editor!!

7. And last but my ABSOLUTE favorite is my new ZUM body lotion and mist! I LOVE IT! The scent is rosemary mint, it is strong, but seriously, my dry hands love, love, love it! And my dry scratchy elbows want to send you a personal thank you April!

April I can not thank you enough for a WONDERFUL package! I love that it was Mississippi themed and you put such a personal touch in it!

And to Andrea , you are the best for doing this! It was so fun!

If you haven't been to visit either of these ladies you need to GO!


hahahahahahahhaha I must say I got a pink bag of hershey kisses...sadly, they didn't make it long enough to take the picture! They were very much enjoyed, just in case you were wondering April! hahahaha ahhhh that made me laugh!


Kelsey said...

Looks like your Valentine's day goodies were pretty good! Much better than just some cheap chocolate :)

Paula said...

You lucky thing

AndreaLeigh said...

you got some good stuff! that fudge sauce looks divine! thanks for participating, chica!

Young Momma said...

I haven't ever participated in any of those swaps but I think I may have to next time!!! You got some AWESOME stuff! :)

Ballerina Girl said...

fun package...and just so you know, Valentine's Day is celebrated here in Brasil in June....
who knows, maybe you and Sidnei can have a real one together!!

Mighty M said...

Looks like a great swap!

April said...

I'm so glad you like your package! My family is absolutely bonkers for chocolate....so we actually pour that fudge sauce over the Delta Fudge Pie....IT'S SINFUL! Thanks for being the most fab swap partner EVER!

Krystyn said...

What a great swap partner you got!

And, the kisses? Too funny!

Heather said...

What a fun package!!!

I ate TWO entire bags of hugs on Friday! ...............please don't judge!

Shauna said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)

Kerri said...

How cool! That was so thoughtful of her!
My soaps will be available on March 2nd on my new website, in answer to your qusetion.

Michele said...

You're too funny...my candy never makes it for the pictures either! You had a wonderful swap partner and got some great goodies! Sorry you had such a sad day...mine kinda sucked too!


tara @ kidz said...

LOL. Loved the disclaimer at the end! So glad you got some good v-day gifts! I can't wait for you and Mr S to travel!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I love Zum products!!!

You got some pretty cool stuff there!!

If it makes you feel better...I had a crappy Valentine alone. John worked fro. 1 till 10.