Sunday, February 8, 2009


Cindy tagged me!
I have to tell you 10 things about me, preferably that you didn't already know. It is similar to a tag that is going around Facebook, which you have to list 25 things. Come to think of it, I didn't do that one... Hmmm...oh well. Here are my 10.

1. I love Cheese...seriously. Cheese cubes, cheese balls, shredded cheese, string cheese, cheese dip, cheese and crackers, cheesy crackers, cheetos...and do you think all that cheese is helping me lose weight? I'd say that with a resounding NO! And don't worry about my heart...I try and keep the cheese love to a minimum.

I want this. Buying DVD's is an addiction. I love to buy them! I love to have them all! And half of them aren't even unwrapped. I also don't like people to touch the DVD's without permission and I like to be the one to unwrap them if they are still in plastic. Most people don't know how to unwrap them without denting the case. I hate it when the case is dented. Crazy much?

3. I LOVE flip flops. I am hoping that if I get to move to Brasil that it will be acceptable to wear them 24/7. Though I know I'll have to sneak some other cute foot wear in as well.

4. I have had Lap Band Surgery in August of 2006. Since then I have lost 90 pounds. Gained 20 back, and lost the 20 again! I am really grateful I had the opportunity to have this surgery. It has helped dramatically with my weight loss. The other thing I love about this surgery is that you have responsibility in it. Meaning that if I don't eat right (including cheese) and you don't exercise, you really won't lose the weight. And you can put it right back on (ex. the 20 pounds). It has been a wonderful thing for me...if anyone has any questions about it, feel free to ask!

July 21, 2006-- 260lbs

January 30, 2009-- 168lbs

5. I am trying really hard to learn to save money. I am not that good at saving it or to not buy what I want when I want it, but it is definitely a lesson I have had to learn recently with Mr S being gone. I was going to buy a digital SLR recently. I was all about it. But then I had to ground myself in reality and say NO.

6. I really miss Utah. I didn't think I would. I thought I loved it better in the South. On the East Coast. And I do love it here...but I miss Utah. If I could I would move back in a minute. I miss the weather (and by that I mean the spring and summer) and more than anything I miss my friends. When I was out there for school, I made the best friends I have ever had and I miss them so much more than I ever tell them. So just so you know my Utah are the best friend a girl could have and I have missed you more than you could possibly know.

7. I want to go back to school to become a nurse. I have decided that it really is what I want to do and I believe that I really would be very good at it. Now I just have to get back to school...

8. Okay, number seven is only partially true. I also want to be an event coordinator, professional photographer, and I want to own a horse ranch. Seriously. But I think the nursing thing is more tangible than the others.

9. A lot of people have told me that Mr S and I should write a book. Mr S thinks this is a really good idea and he really wants too (I think his side of the story will be more interesting than mine)! So I definitely think he should write it and I will promote it. On Oprah or The View (but I would hate for a fight to break out) or the Today Show (I love Katie Couric). Genius! No?!

When I drive to Virginia, I sing almost the entire way there. And when I say sing, I mean at the top of my lungs. No lie. I don't know how Gracie sleeps through it, but she does. So when i do arrive to Virginia (5 hours later) I am usually hoarse. No lie there either. Also to my list of professions I would like to add country singer. Although I do not sing all that well, I have disillusioned myself into thinking I sound an awful lot like Miranda Lambert or at the very least I compliment the way she sings. So it is my belief that we should start a tour together. Or at least I could open for her. Miranda are you there? Have your people call my people.

So Bia tagged me so you can see my purse! Which I think is super cute! I got it for Christmas from my sister Chels and switched it out from other one for my birthday so I'd have a fun new bag!

Fun huh?

The stuff on the inside...

Oh you can't really see it?

Well lucky for you, since I just switched purses and it's still relatively clean!

And just so you know, those are not my sunglasses, those are 3D glasses! I took Ash to see Coraline last night!

But we have a notebook--which keeps me straight and has my list of things to do everyday that usually doesn't get done!

The polka dot is my day planner, which I never use, but carry it around just in case. Because I know I should use it. Ugh.

The zebra case is a carry over from the last purse, it doesn't belong, I just forgot to take it out.

The black and yellow case holds all the preferred customer cards, gift cards, coupons and the millions of other cards that these stores make you carry!

The little black pouch holds all the lip gloss, girl products, nail clippers, medicine, etc etc.

And the rest is self explanatory!

And people this is as clean as it gets! Seriously. In a week, it will be a train wreck in there!!

So I know that everyone in the blogosphere has done both of these things, but if you have not, and you feel so inclined, Meme away!!


angi_b72 said...

very cool post!! I never would have guessed you had that surgery!! You look great!!

Young Momma said...

I really like your purse!!! I've been tagged too, but haven't had a chance to get around to it! I think I'd scare people with the crap I have in mine! lol

I wouldn't have guessed about the surgery either! You look awesome! :)

Betty said...

Very interesting post. Coincidentely, I did the purse thing today too! Yours is much cuter than mine... :)
And yes, you should encourage Mr. S. to write that book and you go to nursing school. My daughter is in her second year and loves it!

AndreaLeigh said...

great memes! i didn't know you had lost that much weight. congrats! you look fabu!

love the purse!!

Kerri said...

I loved that post! I was so surprised to see that you had lap band surgery and the before and after pictures are amazing! you look great! I always think you are so preety when I see your pictures on your blog.

Krystyn said...

I love your purse.

Never would have known about the surgery, either. Congrats!

And, the one about the DVDs...too funny!

mrsmouthy said...

Sometimes I think we are sisters separated at birth. Photographer, event coordinator, and horse ranch are all on my list too! And I have a minimum of 8 kinds of cheese in my fridge at any given moment. LOVE it.

My cousin had lap band surgery a couple years back and I totally admire you. It would be so scary knowing how much your life is going to change when you go into surgery, and I'm glad you've gotten great results!

Laural Out Loud said...

Yes! Write a book! It would be such an interesting read. But you should BOTH contribute.

I would totally bring you back some Havaianas, but you'll probably be here soon and can pick the exact pair(s) you want. As soon as we hit a store I'm getting some for me and Gabi!

~*amber*~ said...

I think you two writing a book would be really awesome!

I too love flip flops, but only if my toes are polished and pretty.

Hubby really likes cheese too, and I think he could eat it on anything.

I too would love to be a professional photographer. A nurse would be nice too, but I don't like blood very much.