Thursday, March 26, 2009

Don't worry! I really am this odd...

So how's the packing come along?

Well to be honest...I haven't done that much.

But I did schedule appointments for Gracie to get her International Health Certificate at 7 Am so I can drive 2 1/2 hours to Columbia to get it endorsed by the USDA the same day, so that it can get to the Brazilian Consulate since it has to be there before 10 days from the date of the vet issue. So that they can issue me a permit for Gracie which she has to enter Brazil before 30 days or the permit expires. Talk about deadlines.

Now I just need to call the airline because I am flying on May 26th. If the temperature is above 85 degrees she can not fly with me. She can not be carried on with me because it is an international flight. So she has to be checked. On May 26th I will be flying to the Dallas Fort Worth Airport, then to the Miami Airport, then on to Belo Horizonte. Make sense to you? Me either. But I know that both of those places are relatively warm (note use of sarcasm there)...and I am pretty sure I have a good chance of it being over 85 degrees. So I am worried. Very worried. So I am going to call the airlines to see if they have any suggestions.

This is just ONE of the many complex issues to try and solve. It is SO fun.

The next one of shipping. Ugh. But it's getting there. I may need to drive down to Miami...anyone game?? Pleeeeeaseeeeeeeeeeeeee. *sigh* This is why a girl needs friends.

Anyway I wanted to humor you tonight and thought I could mainly because I know how weird I am.


I love my DVD's. I don't know why. In fact I am protective over them. Again, I don't know why. I don't like people to borrow them. (Like today, opened up an Enchanted DVD case, it has How the Grinch Stole Christmas DVD in it...WTH) I don't like anyone to take the shrink wrap or sticky security tape off except myself. No one knows how.

So here is my plan to ship them. Since I am worried someone is going to open the box and steal them!! (No one has given me the impression that this would happen...this is a product of my overactive imagination!)

1. Put all DVD's into a CD/DVD holder.
2. Make Inventory list and leave in computer. Number DVD pages. (Did I mention there are over 300?)
3. Put all DVD boxes into a box to be shipped.
4. Put DVD's in suitcase to come with me aboard the plane.

That's right. I am shipping empty boxes. Assuming I have the room. Though the DVD cases may even trump the mattress.

Just Kidding! (But I really do have a sinful love of DVD's)


Young Momma said...

LOL My hubs is the same way about his DVDs! Your not alone! lol I have to ask - how much is it going to cost to ship everything?? It's crazy, I bet. I'm assuming that Gracie is your dog?? That sucks about flying with the weather limitations. I hope that it works out just fine! I'm so excited to see pictures (you will be posting pictures, right?) I want to hear so much about your trip and about seeing your hubby again! I can't wait to read about you finding a job out there and getting your own first home together. It's going to be an amazing adventure for the two of you!

Cindy said...

I'm totally with you on the unwrapping of DVD's & removing the shrink wrap & stickers. I have have someone tearing the cover, or leaving a little bit of the sticky stuff. It just drives me crazy! A little OCD, possibly???

What happens to Gracie if it is over 70 degrees? Can she not go until the temp is down? And you have to check her? Oh, that just breaks my heart!

ko said...

I am excited for your new ADVENTURE! :) My hubby works for Noble Brazil. It is a drilling company. The brazilians make good money there. I think there will also be lots of jobs up for grabs soon because they just found the biggest oil reserve in the world there. So lots of drilling ships are on the way. you can lok up Noble Drilling online and learn a lot more about it. Also, just a quick note. The brazilians are always asking Serg to bring back stuff for them, because most of the time it DOES NOT make it in the mail. So just be careful. I am so excited for you! :) I have wanted to move to brazil for sometime now. You know they might even be hiring for you in that company. A lot of ladies work in that office! :)
Take care ! I am so glad you get to see MR S soon!

April said...

What's the deal with the temp and Gracie? I hope you get that worked out! You must be so excited about seeing your love very really must write a book! Who would play you in the feature film? Who would play Mr. S?

Ashley said...

I would be worried about your Gracie, too. Hopefully everything will work out. They have to let you take her!! I couldn't leave my Rafa!!

Your dvd obsession is quite odd but we still love you! Haha!

Your mattress?? Surely you aren't shipping your mattress to Brazil??? Holy Crap!! This move will be quite expensive I imagine.

Betty said...

Your mattress?? Ok, girl that´s going too far! :))
We have good mattresses in S.A. too...
But I think the DVD´s will be put to good use over there. You can listen to the English language, once you´re sick of Portuguese...

Krystyn said...

You are crazy! Have you checked to make sure your DVDs will work there? I know there is regional coding and stuff. For example, your DVDs won't work in England. I know, something else to think about, but I don't want you to ship 300 empty boxes if you can't use them.

I hope it stays under 85 degrees...I know that will be even harder for you if you can't bring your precious pup.

Lisa said...

I am laughing like crazy over the DVD's. You are a hoot!!! I have 3 kids so there is NO protecting the DVD's.

Hope things work out with Gracie, if it ain't one thing it is another! I love my pets.

Can't wait until you get to Brazil with that honey of yours and post us some good pictures. We are all waiting on edge I know.

Keep moving forward girlfriend, you are doing GREAT!

Anonymous said...

Isn't South America just heading into Fall? Shouldn't it be cooler? Or are they counting the 85 degree rule from Miami?

Good luck!

Living in Brazil said...

Hi Stephanie! I have a friend here in Rio that is from Belo Horizonte. Well I actually talked about her on my blog "Juliana" I think it is very nice there. I haven't been there personally, but I have researched it online. Yes the mail can not be trusted here-so cuidado!(careful)My husband said, that it is against the law to mail money from the USA. I don't know if this is true but my parents and father in law sent b-day cards to my kids and put money in it and I swear it's like it got sucked out of the envelope, because you could not tell it had been unsealed. I had to ask them over and over are you sure you mailed money in the card?! They assured me they did, so I would have to say never get money mailed to you here.. I am excited for you and will keep on reading!
Boa Sorte!

~*amber*~ said...

I would so drive to Miami with you. :) It would be fun. I would hate to drive back by myself though. :( If I had the money, I would drive down with you and fly back; that would be ideal. So, what are you doing with Sidnei's car? Are you shipping it too? I bet the shipping charges on anything are going to be outrageous.

I too would pack my DVD's or anything of value like that.
Good luck packing!

Heather said...

Oh, the packing stage! Fun stuff! You are right to be a little worried about your DVD's. My hubby lived in Brazil for a bit, and he said mail is hit and miss there. Hang in there, soon you'll be with the hubby!

Dari said...

ha ha Steph, you are so cute!! I know how much you love your dvd's. You have so much planning going on, crazy!! If I lived closer I would totally help you!!! Hope everything is going well.

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

You crack me up! Um. if I lived closer I would so go to Miami with you!

Hope all works out with Gracie.

Tash said...

Hey I just read the beginning of your story...How cool! I served a mission in Bahia Blanca Argentina... And yes Brazilian food is really good!!!

Anonymous said...

Yikes, you've got your hands full! Maybe you should just UPS Gracie and sew the DVDs into the lining of your clothes. Sounds much easier.

AkuTyger said...

I would be careful with the DVDs on your flight with you. I did that with my CDs (same obsession) and they insisted on opening the cases when I went through customs. Luckily they opened the ones that were mostly pirated CDs from when I worked at the radio station, otherwise they might have charged me duty on them (my husband told me when he moved back they tried to or did charge him duty on OLD USED CDs).