Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Psy-CHO (Meagan, Amanda, Dari, are you there? Did you do the hand sign to go with that??) I <3 you!

SO maybe, just MAYBE, I went a little crazy.

But let me just build my defense a little.

I was caught completely off guard! I thought for SURE (since they told me so) that we would have some time to get Sidnei the proper documentation, get him some money, and provide him a way to Ipatinga.

So here I am, minding my own business, and WAM! He tells me he is leaving tomorrow at 7 AM, he has $31 to his name, and that is all! They will provide him some clothes to wear home (and not even his own at that! EW.) and after that, he's on his own. So not only am I wallowing in the fact that my husband is leaving (YES, I know he is going to be with his family, YES, I know he is going to be out of that place-- it's just difficult still, there is way too much emotion going on!), but I am now worried he is going to spend the night in the airport (that is if they'd even let him)or the street. Overactive imagination much?

And my toe was REALLY hurting.

And I wrote that post directly after I found out.

Never a good idea, but I had nowhere else to go!

So I say to you all, forgive the psycho in me. She is back in her proper resting place now.

Since I raised such a big stink with all those Puerto Ricans down there, Sidnei was able to call me again at 2 PM. They told him if I could bring cash down to the jail, he would be allowed to have it for the way home! Now if ONLY Puerto Rico and South Carolina were closer together, this would be SO much easier!

Thankfully we work with a great guy named David, who used to live in Puerto Rico! He was able to call a friend, transfer the money (without having to use Western Union and their ridiculous fees!!), and drive it to Sidnei! The guy got to sit and talk with Sidnei for a little while! Seriously, I have the best support. I can not ask for someone better than David to help! God definitely looks out for us by the people he puts into our lives!!!

Also, I got Sidnei a calling card and I was able to give him the numbers so he can call as soon as he gets to Brazil!

And just do you know, I am SO excited that he gets to see his family again!!! I know he is going to be so happy to see them and I know his Mom can not WAIT!

So things are in place. I am feeling much better. Thank you for all your kind words!

The countdown is ON! 56 DAYS!


Tanya said...

I am so glad that things happened to make things easier for you both :) Don't things seem clearer after a pyscho moment?? I do it all the time myself :) LOL

Anonymous said...

Sending you all the happy thoughts I can think. I would have freaked out just like you did!

Anonymous said...

Phew! Glad you were able to get him some money!

~*amber*~ said...

That is awesome that you have people all around like that to help out so you could get him what he needed.

I hope he gets 'home' safely!

Paula said...

Wow I don't know how you deal with the stress....I am glad he is going home. I know, as a mama, how happy she will be to hold him Good luck to you

Lisa said...

Nice pyscho moment! Really, I was impressed! :) And mine are good!!

I knew everything would work out. When there seems to be no way, God steps in! He is awesome!! When we have to depend on Him, life is a great adventure.

So he is going home where his momma will baby him and watch over him until you get there. Then she will love all over you!

Keep moving forward!! Step by step. I wanna come visit someday and see your beautiful children!

Lisa Q

Amanda X said...

Stephanie!!! I was busting up when I read the title of this! Oh the memories. :)

You know that things always have a way of working out. You're in the home stretch and soon you'll be with your lover again (yes LOVER)!

I would be freaking out too. You have nothing to be sorry for My Dear. You'
re allowed to have PsyCHO!!! moments every now and then. Just don't go breaking anything!

Ballerina Girl said...

see? :) everything works out for a reason!
get packing girl! you have a lot to do in 56 days...

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

Ah psycho moments....gotta love um!

Cindy said...

So relieved that is taken care of! Phew!

Dari said...

ha ha ha Steph I love that!!! Sometimes I catch myself doing the hand gestures to psy-CHO!! Other times I do it in my head because I realize other people don't know why I would do that HA HA I MISS YOU!!!!!!!

I am so glad that you were able to get him the money and things he needed. Now you can feel at peace. I am so glad that he is out of there! Things are finally happening, what a blessing!

Looks like us Utah ladies may have to plan a future trip to Brazil to see our lovely Steph :)

April said...

I kinda liked the phycho woman.....sometimes we need her in our lives......prayers will continue!

Blissful Babe said...

No worries, I am a calm person and I would have freaked the hell out, too. It's a natural response.

I'm glad things worked out!
God is so good. :)


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got everything worked out. I would've been stressed and vented too. That's what we're here for.

Ashley said...

Yay! He is going home!! 2 more months and you'll be with him. I'm glad he'll be at home with his parents and home-cooked meals. That has got to be better than his previous accommodations!

Michele said...

OMG, I'm so glad things are working out. And don't worry about being psycho..we all have those moments. You have awesome friends!


Krystyn said...

I'm so glad things are falling into place (not that you aren't working your booty off to get them there)!