Monday, November 24, 2008



Okay, so last night, I try and book a trip for Puerto Rico. The stupid website would not go through.
Cost of the total tickets $588.00--not so bad.

I was happy.

Today when I got online to book them: Cost of the total ticket $864.00

I was pissed.

So I decided to just go ahead and book it. Tickets aren't going to go down ya know?

So I booked it.

Then I see where I am not assigned seats. So I go online to go and assign our seats because with spirit air that's what you do.

I kid you not THEY ARE CHARGING to pick a freakin seat. What the HELL did I just pay $864.00 for?????????? What are these people trying to pull?? This is ridiculous, this is ludicrious, this is whatever else -ous words define this. This is pure madness. Not only that it's not just a couple of dollars. It's 12 dollars for a window seat, 7 dollars for a middle seat, and 12 dollars for an aisle seat. FOR EVERY SINGLE FLIGHT. So for two people with two seats per flight with layovers it's going to cost me another $75 dollars to assign seats! WTF??!? On top of charging for luggage! What's next??? I'm sorry ma'am for fresh oxygen that's going to be an extra $35. Oh I'm sorry, if you want a seat belt that'll be an extra $50! Oh, you want an ACTUAL seat. Well that's really going to cost you! To actually have a chair that'll be an extra $100. It makes me sick. And I know that for two plane tickets it's not even that expensive, but come on! Spirit Air give me a freakin' break!

I am so frustrated. People, this needs to be stopped. Airlines are out of control. Do you just realized I paid almost 900 dollars to not be able to check any luggage, most likely not be able to sit next to my sister (and i booked the flight together), have to strip down to almost nothing to have to go through security, what little bags I do take have to be gone through, cattled into the plane through a little tunnel, squished next to someone I don't know, THEN I have to have a layover, and do it all over again. And THEN do it again when I come home.

I hate them. I hate the airlines.


Hot Tub Lizzy said...

That is so completely rediculous.

I just can't imagine in this economy that they will continue to get away with it. The whole "the gas costs us so much" crap doesn't really hold water now...

Some times being the consumer makes you feel SO powerless.

Dari said...

Amen sister! That is horrible!

Betty said...

I´m feeling your rage! Me too! And gas prices are down!!

Ashley said...

I don't even want to tell you how much we paid for our tickets.. and we bought them months in advance. Ours were about double yours.... a piece. Plus we bought travel insurance since we were buying them so far in advance... Plus, that only includes one piece of luggage each. So yea.... I feel your pain twice over. It hurts doesn't it?

Mrs. Newlywed said...

I thought they always charged for seats? I've been traveling every week for 3 years for work, and we always pay $15.00 each way for me to have the emergency row.

I do hate that they charge you for EVERYTHING. SERIOUSLY?!? My luggage? Give me one bag that is all I ask.

I mean I completely understand though. People are making less therefore traveling less and the airlines are hurting. They've got to make money some how.

It is such a sucky situation.

Ray Adkins said...

Mrs. de Miranda,

I travel often for work and I could write a book about the abuses witnessed while dealing with Airlines.
Hate them, Hate them, Hate them too!
I would like to add Phone Companies to the HATE list!


Krystyn said...

I am so with you.

But, we never do the "pay to pick a seat thing" and since we book the tickets together, we've always been able to get seats together when we check in online!

Good luck! It's crazy!

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

That's NUTS!!! Flying is a whole different ball game these days. Just makes you want to stay home.

I do have something for ya that might make you feel just a teenzy, weenzy bit better over on my blog. :)

Carla said...

go to my blog email me and ill help you with this mess.


On another note: Spirit air is a low cost discount airline built around some Europeans deeply discounted airlines. The fares that they have are usually lower than other airlines because they make up for the cost for extra fees on other places (ex: seating). On the other hand, there is a way I can help you.

Email me and we will get this resolved. :) PS: If you saved the reservation or have a print screen of the first priced fare I can also help you with that as well.

~*amber*~ said...

Wow, that is a huge price change! I looked around the cheapest I could find was about $814, so I guess that doesn't help much. Sorry!

Good luck though!

onlymehere said...

I'm so sorry. I have only been in a plane once and that was a short hop from Salt Lake to Denver. I've heard that it's a nightmare but your's sounds worse than any I've heard of. The up side is you get to see Sidney!! (I think I spelled his name wrong, sorry but can't get back to there or I'll lose my comment). Hope things look up from here.

AndreaLeigh said...

Wow, that is truly digusting. Can you call customer service to complain? I mean, chances are there wouldn't do anything, but you never know!

Queenie Jeannie said...

They suck!!

I hope you have a nice time though!! I've always wanted to visit PR; it looks so fun!

Hugs and I want you to SMILE now, k?

Wep said...

That totally sucks :( Airlines are big doo doo heads.

Chelle said...

That's crazy!! It's horrible that our economy is crumbling and they still overcharge and add extra things to pay for everywhere!! I can't believe you had to pay extra to pick your seat?! Wth?!

nikkicrumpet said... totally sucks to fly anywhere these days. I'm sorry this has been such a pain...but I'm sure it will all be worth it!!!

Vanessa Rogers said...

I have flown Spirit Air before and they are a terrible airline! It was the worst flight of my life! I feel for you!

TuTu's Bliss said...

I hear you..I hate to say it but wait until they get you on the plane and then your their hostage!! We travel all the time and flying gets worse every year!!

Anonymous said...

Wait...I'm not sure you're being clear do you really feel?

Amanda said...

Flying has indeed become a gigantic pain in the ass - and I consider myself an expert, having lived as an expat for the last 8 years. I fly a lot.

If you don't pay to assign seats but show up at the counter super early so that you are amoung the first to check in, you should be able to pick them then without problems. Not failsafe, but I do it all the time and it usually works a charm.

EmmaP said...

wow! i haven't flown in over a year, and i used to work for the airlines. yes - it is a shame what it's coming to!

mrsmouthy said...

That's hilarious and SICK. You should just not sign up for one then show up with a folding chair and tell them you'll just set it up in the aisle. Sheesh.

Heather said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. That is all the -"ous" words you can use!!!!

Good luck! I'm so happy that you get to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't use another airline?

Marina said...

Amen .. that is why I hate to fly.

Crystal said...

that would make me so mad too. I hear your frustration. AIr lines need to get it together.