Friday, November 14, 2008

Time Crunch!

Okay, so remember how I told you here that I was throwing a baby shower and I needed some ideas on games?? Thank you so much for all of your help and suggestions! It really helped and I got some good ideas!!

Anyway so the baby shower is this Saturday!! And guess how much I have worked on it?? That's right! You guessed it! I have done a big, fat, NOTHING. I have been so busy with work and church this week and sick over last weekend, I have just never had a moment to do anything.

So the plans for tomorrow? You got it. Baby shower mad dash!

Here is what I need to accomplish

-Go to store pick up all supplies for centerpiece, favors, and gift

-Make a list for the store to pick up supplies

-Final Guest Count

-Put together Favors

-Final Game List

-Pick up Cake (thank goodness I at least ordered that!)

-Call Restaurant to confirm and give final guest count

-Corsage for Baby Momma

-Prizes for Games

and last but not least (though I am sure that this is not last, because I KNOW I have forgotten something like always)

I am going to attempt to make this:

A Diaper Cake.

I am being ambitious. I hope I can get everything done tomorrow night. I will make sure to take pictures so you can all see how it turns out!!

Oh and have a GREAT weekend!!!


Chelle said...

The diaper cake is beautiful! Will you do my baby shower? When/if the occassion occurs?

I can't wait to hear about the party and see pics! I know it's going to be great :)

Midwest Mommy said...

Whoa, it is going to be like back when you pull an all nighter in college :-) Good luck.

AndreaLeigh said...

Good luck girl! Take a deep breath and try not to get too stressed out. It will out work out beautifully!

Mc Allen said...

ummmm , are you going to try and get any of it done tonight?? That diapey Cake looks just yummy!! ;) I'm sure youll do a fabulous job, can't wait to se pics and hear all about it!! LA

~*amber*~ said...

Uh-oh, hope you get it all done! You should have let me know earlier, I would have came and helped you. :) That diaper cake is cute!

LadyFi said...

Oh my gosh.. a cake made out of nappies (diapers) - how fun is that! Good luck with the baby shower!

Thanks for visiting me in Sweden!

silverdot said...

that diaper cake is so cute. the baby shower is going to be fab. can't wait to see your pics.

Elaine A. said...

Woah girl, you are busy today! Hope you get everything done.

That diaper cake is so cute. Have a great shower! (that sounds kinda funny.......)

Ashley said...

Wow! That is ambitious! My mom and I made a diaper cake for a shower I hosted and it went pretty smoothly.

Here is the post about our shower and diaper cake:

There is a link on there to Jill who had a really good tutorial for diaper cakes. I hope that helps!!

EmmaP said...

good luck! you can do it!

Krystyn said...

Oops...a little procrastination, maybe?

Hopefully, you are like me and work well under pressure. And, really, that stuff won't take you too long once you get everything all planned and together.

Good luck with the diaper cake. It's really cute.

Have a great time with the shower.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

Just make sure to use unused diapers K?'re not supposed to eat it. Just sayin.