Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Giveaways, Winnings, Taggings, and other -ings!

Pennies In My Pocket

Melody is having a FABULOUS Land's End giveaway! Go check it out!! But stay away from my Duffle Bag! I really need it! Mine just broke *sniff*

Tabitha at Fresh Mommy tagged me with this one!
Take a snippet from the closest book sitting near you... page 56... the 5th sentence.
mine reads...
"So what are we doing tomorrow?"

BORING. I know! But this book is "Grace" and it is by Richard Paul Evans. He is the author of "The Christmas Box" so if you haven't read it, you really need to! He has quite a few books! They are little and easy reads, but they are such sweet stories, of love, heartache, overcoming trials...I don't know. The quote on my profile page is from one of his books actually. I just love them. I'm not very far into this one, but I am sure it's good!! I'm serious if you like to read, go check him out!

Vanessa and Kyle from The Yellow Brick Road tagged me with 8 random things!

1. I like chocolate, but I don't love it. However, I do LOVE ice cream. More than I should. And I'm pretty plain...Vanilla, Cookies-n-Cream, Birthday Cake. I don't like chocolate in my ice cream.
2. I love to buy DVD's. A lot of them. I have TONS. Though most are in storage right now. A lot of times, they will stay in plastic for months. I don't actually really like to re-watch a movie unless it's a disney movie. Or it's on TV and nothing else is on. But I have them in case I want to. Oh and I can re-watch Elf. Funniest movie. This includes books. I don't like to re-read books. My sister can read them over and over. Not me. Once it's finished, it holds no interest to read again.
3. I have a purse addiction. I have an entire XL duffle bag from LL Bean filled with purses. I do rotate them, but I can never seem to be satisfied. I am still looking for that one perfect purse.
4. I don't like to take medicine at all. But I love to give people medicine to make them feel better...and tell them to take it.
5. I really want to have hobbies, but I feel too lazy.
6. I put butter in my rice and put grated parmesan cheese on top.
7. I'm not supposed to drink soda--much less mountain dew--but I do. No brown soda by the way...I just don't like it.
8. My favorite thing about Mr S is his laugh, he loves to laugh. I miss his laugh, it is beautiful, it lights up his entire face. The exception to this is when I am mad. He also laughs when I'm mad and takes pleasure from doing so!

And you know...I swear there were more. I have now developed a system for tags and things that I havent posted about yet, but that I am going to do. Please, if you have tagged me and I have not responded, please tell me! I am more than happy to do them! I have just had a slight error in my memory chip!


When I went to the show for work over the weekend, I apparently entered a contest to win something! (I had no idea!) BUT I WON!!!! I'm so excited! The funny thing is, I'm not exactly sure what I am excited about. I know it's a 17" something, so I think it is a TV! I just happen to find it exciting that I won something nice!! Yippeee!!

So I know there was something else I wanted to blog about, but I just don't know what it is. I can't remember. And I really need to clean, my room is a wreck! I still need to do laundry and pack and a million other things! There is just not enough time!!

3 More Days!!


AndreaLeigh said...

Congrats on your win! I am also a fellow ice cream and purse lover. I am so excited for you! 3 days!!

Paula said...

I'm so happy that you won and I know how excited you are getting...

Krystyn said...

Congrats on your win.

I like ice cream...way more than chocolate, but I'm off dairy right now!

Betty said...

Congrats on winning the "maybe" TV! :)
I LOVE ice cream too! My fave food!
And I am soooo counting the days with you!

Carla said...

NICE! Maybe you need to come to Florida more often . . . :)

And ps: you are funny. I get a good read from your blog.

pss: I got the text. And no worries . . .

Kelli @ writing the waves said...

I love me some ice cream too!

Very cool you may have won a new tv! I won a dustbuster once. (Remember those?)I was pretty excited about that! :)

P.S. I would totally make ya a b'day cake if I knew it would make it through the mail all in one piece. haha!